Day 6: Lady Franklin Island

Location of ship 6a
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Lady Franklin Island

Lady Franklin Island is a remote, rocky island located off the southeast coast of Baffin Island. The expedition team took a Zodiac cruise around the island and spotted different types of mosses, a large group of walruses on the ice, polar bears, and some very dramatic geology.  For such a small island it really was home to a lot of biodiversity!

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Day 6: Lady Franklin Island

A view of mountains and icy water.
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The Arctic food chain

The Arctic food web is very complex with many marine organisms relying on another to complete the chain. In Arctic waters many small organisms, known as diatoms, form the basis for the Arctic food chain.

A microscopic diatom.

Walruses on ice

Sea ice like this is the perfect place to look for walruses who use the sea ice for hunting and transportation. Female walruses also haul out on ice floes to give birth and raise their young.

Walruses sitting on sea ice.