Expedition Arctic


There’s much more to the Arctic than meets the eye.


We set sail
on adventure.

Share the journey to the Arctic with Canadian Museum of Nature scientists, Arctic experts and students from Students on Ice.

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We explore
hidden treasures.

Explore the diverse array of plants and animals found in the Arctic - those that live today and those that lived millions of years ago in a long-lost world.

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We depend on
each other.

Scientists, paleontologists and Arctic experts lead students on an unforgettable educational expedition to the top of the world.

Meet the team

Arctic experts

Kieran Shepherd

Curator of Palaeobiology, Canadian Museum of Nature

Piecing together the fossilized remains of animals and the details of their lives and environments, millions of years ago, is a challenge that, for me, never gets old.


Geoff Green

Founder and Expedition Leader, Students on Ice

I have always wanted to lead inspiring expeditions to the Arctic as I believe it is one of the greatest classrooms on Earth.


Paul Hamilton

Phycologist and Senior Research Assistant in Life Sciences, Canadian Museum of Nature

I have always wanted to explore the microscopic world to discover unseen life forms and to study the scientific stories they can tell us.


Jennifer Doubt

Botanist and Curator, Canadian Museum of Nature

Plants and their ecosystems, humans included, interconnect in countless fascinating ways. From food and health to art and literature to sustainable development, history and national identity, the fundamental roles plants play has always intrigued me.


David Gray

Arctic Biologist and Research Associate, Canadian Museum of Nature

Exploring and studying the ecology and behaviour of Arctic birds and mammals has always fascinated me.


Marine Poirier-Defoy

Expedition student, from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

I had always heard about the Arctic's rich and vibrant natural history and culture. I was so excited to be able to witness this with my own eyes.


Dang-Dang Gruben

Expedition student from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada

The Arctic is such an interesting and exciting place. The expedition allowed me to explore many new and incredible areas.


Featured specimen

A taxidermied polar bear mount.

Polar bear

The polar bear (its scientific name being Ursus maritimus) is the world’s largest land carnivore, or meat-eater.  It is the biggest member of the bear family, known by the scientific name, Ursidae.

Image: A polar bear.

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