On the ship – Wednesday, August 8

We are ship-based for a couple of days. When I was not involved in activities, which kept me busy for most of the day, I spent quiet moments reading a few articles about Arctic dinosaurs that have been gathering dust in my pack. The idea of dinosaurs in the Arctic is so captivating, or at least it is to me. As we sail around this cold, treeless land, it is almost unbelievable this region was once the home of such creatures.  The idea that the Arctic was a warm, near-tropical environment, ideal for dinosaurs, with lush forests, swamps, and bush, is remarkable. Equally remarkable is the possibility of migrating hadrosaur dinosaurs.

On Bylot Island, a juvenile hadrosaur jaw was found in 1989. On the island is a small wedge of a Cretaceous deposit that has yielded dinosaur remains with the prospect of more in the future.  I wonder if they would miss me if I slipped off the boat and took a Zodiac to the island. I guess I will remain on board for another day.