Sunneshine Fiord – Monday, August 6

Always interesting to put boots on the ground and explore an area that I have never been to before. Today I spent several hours prospecting Sunneshine Fiord. My geologic map notes that the rock here is Precambrian and far too old to find fossils. My other map notes the possibility of Quaternary deposits but there was so much rock and glacial debris, any chance of finding a fossil was remote  The time certainly was not wasted; it never is, when prospecting.

Sometimes not finding anything can be frustrating, but it is good to be able to say I have been here and had a look around.  The geology is wonderful and I found a few nice garnet specimens. The topography, or the geography of the land surface, is well worth the visit here. I can almost envision the glaciers 3 to 4 km above me during the Wisconsin glaciation, 26,000 to 13,300 years ago.