Lady Franklin Island – Sunday, August 5

Wow, what a cool day to look at geology. We took the Zodiacs out around Lady Franklin Island. The island is in the Davis Strait and is uninhabited by humans, but looks like a great place to be a polar bear! We saw several on the island and it certainly was the highlight of my day. If there are any fossils on that island, the polar bears will keep them safe from any rogue palaeontologists.

As we circled this island, I was awestruck by the geology: vertical cliffs of Archean rocks, which must be some of the oldest rocks in Canada. Tonight, I will have a look at my geology maps just to confirm what I am seeing. I am really glad I tucked a few geology maps into my backpack for the trip. Despite all the GPS gear and cool digital maps I love to use, it is still great to have a map in front of you.